Women Stretching

Michelle Kavieff


Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga for all levels where calming asanas (poses) get deep into the connective tissues of the body to release tension and stress. This restorative practice also cultivates an inner focus and awareness that benefits most every aspect of life.

Reiki (ray-kee) is the healing-touch practice of channeling life-force energy to facilitate vitality and restore balance on all levels. Mind-Body-Spirit.

These two practices compliment each other beautifully, allowing for profound peace and well-being which you carry off the mat into every part of your life.


Rex Villena, Nam Chanterrwyn, Jazelyn Hoel, Justice Klein, Nycole Lourenço, Devin Grindrod


Each class will include a combination of all or some Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, aroma therapy, sound healing and Reiki.

Sulit has hand selected unique and experienced yoga teachers. As the art of yoga is multi-faceted and encompasses a broad pallet of expression, so it is reflected in the Sulit family of teachers.


Chelcy Pine


Kundalini Yoga is ancient Yoga technology, aging back centuries in India. It comes from Raj Yoga and is known as a “King of Yoga” practice that combines Posture, Breathwork, Mantra (Chanting), Mudra, Drishti, and Bandas (Energetic Locks).


Kundalini Yoga is meant to activate our physical, emotional, and energetic bodies so that we can become more aware and easily achieve a deep meditative state. It has been known to help us rewire and map the Nervous System to help break habits, create new patterns, and live our truth in authenticity. This is not to be missed :)


Kathleen Rafaat


Pranayama is the conscious act of inhalation, retention and exhalation, giving us the power to develop a steady mind, strong will power and good judgement.  It readies and open the mind for meditation, along with improving the circulatory and respiratory systems.  Reiki and singing bowls incorporated in the class of healing, along with mediation and mantras.  Open to all levels.