Our bodies hold memories of everything we have experienced in this lifetime. Likewise, our energy fields hold memories of everything that has ever happened to our souls. If we think of the soul as that eternal part of us that will go on long after we are done with these bodies, then we can imagine that our souls were probably doing something before they came into these bodies, as well.

Sometimes, the memories of our bodies and our souls create negative and limiting beliefs which manifest in our lives, causing us pain and distress.

In a Soul Memory Discovery session, when we balance and co-create sacred space in a special way, we are able to access all those memory banks. And what is wonderful about this, is that we can then find the origins of any symptoms or any issues — be they

  • Physical Ailments

  • Interpersonal Relationships

  • Past Life Experiences 

  • Destructive Life Patterns

  • Addictions

  • Dissatisfaction with Work and Money

  • Spiritual Alienation

  • Spirit Attachments

Once we find the origins of the issue, we use beautiful and sacred processes to lift those origins right out of our beings. And once the symptoms are no longer being sourced, they dry up and they go away. It is that simple.

Of course, our souls also hold memories of all the contracts and agreements we have made over the course of many lifetimes. In a Soul Memory Discovery session, we can also access all of that information — and gain a deeper understanding of

  • Who we are

  • Where we are originally from

  • What we came here to do

  • Who our Guides and Teachers are

  • What our purpose and mission is here on Earth

  • How to connect with our Higher Selves


Soul Memory Discovery enables you to

  • Access the memories held by your body and your soul

  • Identify the source of your emotional, physical, and spiritual pain

  • Release those memories through a simple healing process

  • And replace them with new, expanded beliefs, which immediately begin to manifest positively in your life


We are very blessed to be in body at this time. Every one of us here has spent lifetimes working toward the dream of a Conscious Humankind and a world at peace. That dream has the potential to come into reality in these times.

Each of us is here because of the unique contributions we are able to make in our world.  We are being called forward to stand in the fullness of our Essences, to be the largest versions of ourselves.

We no longer have the luxury of carrying debilitating symptoms, which limit the expression of our GodSelves. And we no longer have the luxury of sitting in therapy for years, or even months, trying to heal ourselves.

The time requires that we Be what we came here to Be, and that we Do what we came here to Do. Our world demands our full presence — NOW.


Soul Memory Discovery is a great gift for us. It allows us to lift off limitation, and very quickly step into the fullness of our Truths — in life-affirming, grace-filled ways.

Then, we can be what we truly came here to be — God’s partners in designing and co-creating the new World!

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It's always an honor to serve, Karina A Zulino