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On a scientific level studies have shown that Reiki increases the white blood cell count, giving a much needed boost to the immune system. It also has been shown to relieve pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia and more. When one gives or receives Reiki their brain moves into an alpha state causing a deep relaxation, a state that is often hard to find in our busy Western world. We have seen great healing occur on both physical and non-physical levels; Cancer released, arthritis recede, chronic pain cease to exist, hearts opened, grief purged and our personal favorite – watching a soul come home, ready to move forward and claim their future. A reconnection of self.



 Reiki Master Intuitive Michelle Kavieff offers a powerful and comprehensive Reiki treatment with the addition of many other modalities such as stone medicine, shamanic practices, intuitive channeling activations and more. 

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1.5 Hour Treatment - $160

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Become Reiki certified & transform your life! Learn to channel universal energy and heal yourself, others and the planet.

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Reiki 1 $250 & Reiki 2 $450


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Reiki/Crystal Treatment | Spiritual Coaching | Private Restorative Yoga

Michelle Kavieff is passionate about helping others heal, find balance, and transform their lives. As a Certified Reiki Healer, Crystal Healer, Yoga Teacher and Oneness Deeksha Giver, Michelle offers healing yoga classes and leads various energy workshops. She also offers private reiki, crystal healing sessions along with emotional and spiritual support for all her clients.


If you are ready to make positive changes, access your inner wisdom, receive support, guidance and new tools to help you step forward confidently on your path, book a class and/or a session today!

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"I want to thank Michelle and all those present last night. I have been bursting with positive energy today, even moments of spontaneous tears of gratitude. Last night was truly magical. Can't wait for the next! 💕"

- Ellie Wheeler